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What is a Host Bus Adapter Card?

Posted on 2018/01/02 by George

A Host Bus Adapter (HBA) is a circuit board or integrated circuit adapter that provides physical connectivity between a host system (computer or server) and networks and storage devices. Apart from the physical connectivity, an HBA also performs input/output (I/O) processing. With an HBA, the host computer’s microprocessor doesn’t have to perform data storage and retrieval operations, resulting in a performance boost.

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Introducing A2B Bus Monitor

Posted on 2017/08/15 by George

Today’s automotive infotainment designers are facing a difficult challenge. They are being asked to do more with less. Consumers are demanding better quality audio and video, and better vehicular fuel efficiency.

Analog Devices heard the demand and is leading the charge in the solution through the introduction of the Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B) digital audio technology, which delivers high fidelity audio for automobiles while significantly reducing the weight of existing cable harnesses (by upwards of 75% in key applications) – resulting in improved vehicle fuel efficiency.

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