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Posted on 2017/08/15 by George

Introducing A2B Bus Monitor

Today’s automotive infotainment designers are facing a difficult challenge. They are being asked to do more with less. Consumers are demanding better quality audio and video, and better vehicular fuel efficiency.

Analog Devices heard the demand and is leading the charge in the solution through the introduction of the Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B) digital audio technology, which delivers high fidelity audio for automobiles while significantly reducing the weight of existing cable harnesses (by upwards of 75% in key applications) – resulting in improved vehicle fuel efficiency.

What does this have to do with Total Phase?

Working side by side with Analog Devices, Total Phase has developed the A2B Bus Monitor Application for the Promira Serial Platform. This application provides unprecedented access to the A2B system. By attaching the A2B Adapter Board in-line between A2B nodes and the Promira platform, the A2B monitor application can non-intrusively sniff the bus, giving users a real-time view into A2B traffic. A2B superframes are decoded and disassembled into I2S/TDM audio data and I2C control data for easy debugging. Additionally, full reporting on Interrupts and GPIO handshakes are correlated into the data capture.

Learn more about how to sniff A2B bus data

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