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In System Programmer | Small size. High Speed.

Posted on 2014/06/16 by George
  • Update any SPI Flash memory directly on your board
  • Easily controlled by USB
  • Use 4 programmers in parallel

The SF100 programmer is used to read, program or update the Serial Flash soldered on board or inserted in the socket of the Dediprog Backup Boot Flash tool by using the computer software through USB communication.

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Perform in circuit programming (ICP) for Microchip SST25VF080B

Posted on 2013/11/25 by George

A customer asked: I need to perform in circuit programming (ICP) for Microchip SST25VF080B. Can you recommend a tool to use for this SPI device, which is soldered onto a PCB?

Sure we can, the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter is able to program SPI memory devices at 40+ MHz. The included Flash Center Software helps you to quickly erase, program, and verify SPI (and I2C) based EEPROM and flash memory Chips. Flash Center software also provides an XML parts library: built-in support for EEPROMs and serial flash chips from many manufacturers, including the Microchip SST25VF080B. In this case, you don’t need to create an API for your in circuit programming.

You can program memory that is already soldered onto a printed circuit board (PCB) through the SPI signals (MOSI, MISO, SS, SCLK), ground signal (GND), and power signal (+5V, if needed). The board should have the ability to connect these signals between the memory device and the Cheetah 10-pin SPI connector. If the board has a matching 10-pin connector, you can interface Cheetah to the chip with the Total Phase 10-pin split cable. Otherwise, you can use the Total Phase 10-pin grabber clip split cable.

Get a High-speed, low-cost SPI programmer here...

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How to program flash memory using a USB to SPI programmer

Posted on 2013/09/02 by George

Here is a tutorial video about programming Flash memory with the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter and Flash Center Software.

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How to Program SPI Serial Flash memories in less than two minutes

Posted on 2013/08/05 by George

In this step-by-step video tutorial you will learn how to program SPI Serial Flash memories using the SF100.

The SF100 is a high speed In System Programmer, easily controlled by a PC. USB bus powered and a friendly interface and powerful features to users.

Learn more about the SF100

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A complete set of industry leading SPI development tools and popular accessories

Posted on 2013/05/30 by George

The SPI Development Kit from Total Phase is a comprehensive and cost-effective kit that bundles together a complete set of Total Phase's industry-leading SPI development tools and popular accessories.

With this kit, developers can:

  • Exercise target devices on an SPI bus as a master device.
  • Simulate an SPI master or slave device.
  • Program and verify SPI-based Flash devices.
  • Passively monitor an SPI bus in real-time with bit-level timing down to 20 ns.

Both beginners and advanced developers will appreciate the convenience and value of the kit for developing and debugging an SPI bus on an embedded system.

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How to Program EEPROMs - Step by Step Tutorial

Posted on 2013/02/05 by George

In this step by step video tutorial we learn how to program a 1MBit EEPROM from Microchip using the Leaper-56 small programmer in just 1.4 seconds!

The LEAPER-56 is a universal programmer in portable mini-size. Just connect to USB and go. Bring your programmer anywhere. Universal support for any device including NAND- and NOR Flash. Win 32 and 64 bit.

Want to learn more about the LEAPER 56 programmer?

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4 Ways to Program I2C/SPI Microwire EEPROMs

Posted on 2012/06/26 by George

First, learn the four steps by watching this video below:

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Smart-phone Size and ICT Level Universal Programmer

Posted on 2012/05/04 by George

On-field device programming has never been easier! With this universal programmer from Leaptronix you have all you need in a smart-phone size.

Get it here!

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