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Posted on 2016/10/27 by George

Siglent SDG1000X and SDG2000X new Firmware Available

Siglent-SDG2042X_1.jpgNew firmware information:

  1. Setting frequency to 0. 0 Hz would mean DDS accumulated phase word would be held/not changed with time.
  2. Bug fix: Single Channel AM Modulation Output Amplitude is 9.3% low
  3. Bug fix: Manual trigger cannot trigger on both channels at the same time
  4. Bug fix: SW bug regarding the modulation with noise
  5. Bug fix: Display graphic error for displayed wave shape
  6. Bug fix: Can not save the last state after update
  7. Bug fix: Frequency coupling/phase lock does not work in TrueArb
  8. Bug fix: Instrument powers up with wrong waveforms
  9. Bug fix: TrueArb mode CH coupling bug when entering samples/sec



Download firmware update

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by George