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Posted on 2017/12/19 by George

How To Graph iMSO-204 Oscilloscope Data Log In Excel

If you've ever wanted to recreate your oscilloscope screen, it's possible in Excel. This example regraphs both analog and digital waveforms. And this is how to do it:

Step #1
First, log data. Then, email that data to a device that has Excel. The data log will be in *.csv file format. 

Step #2
Here's the excel file that was used to graph the waveforms. Please use it as a reference. The analog is a bit easier than the digital. The digital waveforms require Rows 4-8. Because, Excel isn't smart enough to translate hexadecimals and you are.

File Graph_Oscilloscope_CSV_DataLog_20171012.xlsx

Step #3
Plot the graph. Now, you can both post-process the data and re-visualize it for your viewing pleasure!!


Analog - Post Processed (via Excel)

Digital - Post Processed (via Excel)


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Source: Oscium

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