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Posted on 2016/03/02 by George

Data Center 6.70 for use with USB Power Delivery Analyzer Available

Data Center 6.7 now includes support for the Total Phase USB Power Delivery Analyzer.TotalPhase-USB-Power-Delivery-Analyzer_1.jpg

By building on the award-winning Data Center Software, this update enables engineers using Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux platforms to analyze the Power Delivery protocol, which is a fundamental part of most USB Type-C products. Users can sniff the CC1 and CC2 signals to easily and inexpensively gain visibility into the Power Delivery negotiations of Type-C products, regardless of their development environment. The Power Delivery Analyzer’s USB 3.1 Gen2 data pass-through enables recording without disturbing other high-speed signals.

The USB Power Delivery Analyzer is based on the Chromium project design, code name ‘Twinkie’ which uses open-source software to capture and read data, and is limited in its use and OS support. Total Phase updated the USB Power Delivery Analyzer to work with Data Center Software, a comprehensive, free bus monitoring software package that captures and displays data simultaneously in true real-time. Together with the USB Power Delivery Analyzer, Data Center allows customers to easily reveal all the details of their product’s power, USB data role and Alternate Mode negotiation sequences.

The USB Power Deliver Analyzer is able to sniff power delivery traffic on both Control Channel lines (CC1/CC2), while acting as a transparent pass through for your USB protocol traffic (up to 10 Gbps). Other features include:

  •     Monitor power delivery negotiation
  •     Visualize and decode PD packets
  •     Monitor detailed sink/source charging level negotiation
  •     See PD negotiation between multiple sources
  •     Confirm interoperability of your device and interaction with other PD solutions
  •     Confirm electronically marked cable identification and negotiation
  •     Monitor upstream/downstream port role swap
  •     View entrance/exit for Alternate Modes


The USB Power Delivery Analyzer is a lightweight, low profile device that is bus-powered. Data Center Software 6.70 is available from the Total Phase website as a free download.


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“Our ability to capture, analyze and report data greatly increases the usability of the USB Power Delivery Analyzer, making it a must have for every USB developer.”

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