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Posted on 2016/02/22 by George

USB Type-C Power Delivery Analysis for Windows, Mac OSx and Linux!

Total Phase have released the Data Center Software 6.70 for the USB Power Delivery Analyzer. Now engineers will be able to use Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux platforms to analyze the Power Delivery protocol.TotalPhase-USB-Power-Delivery-Analyzer_1.jpg

The Data Center Software is a comprehensive, free bus monitoring software package that captures and displays data simultaneously in true real-time. Together with the USB Power Delivery Analyzer, it will allow customers to easily reveal all the details of their product’s power, USB and Alternate Mode negotiation sequences.

With the USB Power Delivery Analyzer you can:

  • Sniffing Power Delivery traffic on both Control Channel lines (CC1/CC2)
  • Transparent interposing on a USB Type-C connection
  • Monitoring VBUS and VCONN voltages and currents
  • Injecting PD packets on CC1 or CC2 lines
  • Putting Rd/Rp/Ra resistors on CC1 and CC2


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