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Posted on 2015/04/07 by George

Benefits of using a data logger to debug embedded systems

A data logger is an electronic device that is used for data acquisition to record data over time according to specific performance parameters. Typically, the device is equipped with or works in conjunction with other instruments or sensors. Data loggers are used across many industries to record measurements such as battery level, vibration, voltage, sensors, temperature, events and more.

Having a data logger for debugging is beneficial because it increases visibility and runs continuously; the data is filtered and qualified to provide the most relevant information. The increased amount of data is key in providing a better understanding of the events that lead up to the bug.

The limitation in using a logic analyzer alone when recording samples is the device’s memory. Once the internal memory reaches capacity, the data can be analyzed. The issue is a ‘dead zone’ in which data goes unrecorded. The dead zone is the small window of time it takes for the logic analyzer to rearm its trigger. This data is lost which may result in the bug going undetected if it occurs during this timeframe.

By using a logic analyzer that has data logging capabilities, visibility is increased and the issue of the dead zone is eliminated. Unlike a typical oscilloscope or logic analyzer, Logic can record many more signals for much longer at a much faster speed. Logic’s built-in data logger enables continuous recording by compressing digital signals thus memory is only affected by changes in digital data. While data loggers usually have a slower sampling rate, Logic Pro 8 and Logic Pro 16 are equipped with a USB 3.0 input, which allows capturing of digital waveforms up to 100MHz, while sampling at 500 MSPS. A faster sampling rate also increases the applications you can use it with.

The advantages of using a logic analyzer with data logging capabilities are apparent. Logic’s data logger is extremely reliable, making testing and measurement easier than ever.

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