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Posted on 2016/03/30 by George

TotalPhase Data Center Software v6.71 Features

Data Center Software is now more robust then ever, with increased features supporting the eSPI protocol on the Promira Serial Platform and monitoring for the USB Power Delivery Analyzer.

Starting April 4, Data Center Software will support Hardware Filters, Simple Triggers and Advanced Triggers for eSPI.

Hardware Filters provide the ability to filter out packets at the hardware level. This reduces the amount of captured data that is sent back to the analysis computer from the Promira platform, resulting in smaller traces that only contain the information you were seeking to capture. In addition, these filter settings can be configured independently for each slave.

Simple Triggers allow the user to specify an event to trigger a capture and/or toggle a digital output pin.

Advanced Triggers offer a complex pattern/sequence match engine that provides triggering on a specific condition/sequence of events on the eSPI bus with multiple options and a high level of configuration specifically tailored around the eSPI protocol.

Using the advanced match feature, you can specify and configure the analyzer to match and trigger on three different types of conditions/sequences based on eSPI packets.

    1.  a sequence of up to four eSPI packets
    2.  a specific non-posted transaction and corresponding completion(s)
    3.  a packet that has an error code in its status

While hardware filters, simple triggers, and advanced triggers have been included the Data Center USB lens for some time, these features have been optimized for eSPI within the eSPI capture lens.

Totalphase also added Voltage and Current monitoring using Data Center with your USB Power Delivery Analyzer.

The Data Center is free of charge, just let us know if you need it for Windows, MAC OS or Linux and we will send it to you.

Download Data Center 6.71


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