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Posted on 2016/05/03 by George

The only Logic Analyzer able to capture, modify and playback bus data

If you’re an engineer debugging a micro controller project, a hobbyist struggling with an I2C sensor, or an automobile expert trying to analyze CAN bus data frames, ScanaQuad is the product your need.


These logic analyzers from ikalogic allows you to capture and analyze very fast electronic signals. They are invaluable tools when working on any project involving serial interfaces (like UART, 1-Wire, SPI, etc..).

Free ScanaStudio software is used to analyze captured signals. An exhaustive library of Protocols Decoders is provided, but they are all open source, so you can hack them and modify them at will!

You can even write your own specific decoder to help you debugging a proprietary protocol.


Plug and Debug

Just plug our logic analyzer in a free USB port, connect it to your circuit, and you’re ready to capture signals!





Ikalogic ScanaQuad