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Posted on 2017/01/17 by George

New Advanced Cable Tester for USB Type-C

The Advanced Cable Tester made quit a splash in 2016. The first of its kind Type-C cable tester available in its market had record-breaking sales, exceeding expectations. We knew this product was ready for great things - and the market's response confirmed our prediction.

  • NetworkWorld named the Advanced Cable Tester in the New Products of the Week.Total-Phase-Cable-Tester-Level-1-Application_2.jpg

  • Android Central posted an article entitled, "Gonna be messy for a while, USB-C is changing the world for the better, but it's still not safe enough."

  • RCR Wireless wrote about the Advanced Cable Tester in their article, "As USB Type-C takes off, Total Phase launches tester."

  • And lastly, our very own Tom Holden, director of engineering, had his article, "USB Type-C Cables: The New Frontier" published on the All About Circuits website. (It's a great read if you want to learn about Type-C and remember the old Star Trek TV series.)


Learn more about the Advanced Cable Tester

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