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Posted on 2016/08/22 by George

Free I2C/SPI EEPROM and Flash memory programming GUI

The Flash Center Software allows engineers to quickly erase, program, and verify I2C- and SPI-based EEPROM and Flash memory chips that are interfaced through the industry-leading Aardvark I2C/SPI and Cheetah SPI Host Adapters as well as the Promira Serial Platform. The Flash Center Software now supports over 500 memory chips from major chip manufacturers. This latest release adds additional Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) parts to the already impressive list:

  • Atmel
  • Catalyst Semiconductor
  • Chingis Technologies
  • Cypressflash_center.png
  • IC Microsystems / Xicor
  • Intel
  • ISSI
  • Macronix
  • Microchip Technology
  • Micron
  • NXP / Philips Semiconductors
  • Renesas Technology
  • SST
  • STMicro/Numonyx
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Seiko Instruments
  • Spansion
  • Winbond / NexFlash

The Flash Center Software was designed with an XML-based memory device library. In addition to taking advantage of the pre-loaded device library, developers can instantly support almost any I2C- or SPI-based EEPROM or Flash memory, by creating or modifying the XML descriptions of target memory devices.  “Our XML-based parts library structure enables the Flash Center software to provide almost limitless support for I2C, Flash, and serial NOR devices.” said Gil Ben-Dov, CEO of Total Phase.

"High performance host adapters combined with the Flash Center software make it possible to quickly and easily program Flash memory,” continues Gil Ben-Dov. Highly optimized programming algorithms, integrated level shifting to 0.9V, and the flexibility of our unique modular approach to high performance programming are just a few of the advantages the Promira Serial Platform and the Cheetah SPI Host offer users.  Our products outperform other memory programmers.

The Flash Center software was developed with engineers in mind. It has built-in support for a wide variety of binary formats and memory devices from major memory chip manufacturers. It also has support for programming multiple devices simultaneously through separate host adapters that are connected to a single host computer, cutting programming time down from minutes to seconds.

Follow these three easy steps to get started:

1. Get an Aardvark, Cheetah or Promira
2. Download the free Flash Center
3. Start programming memory devices!