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Posted on 2013/11/07 by George

Transmit CAN Bus Messages to 12 Outputs as a Power Control Signal

PST-CAN-Power-Gateway-PRO_1.pngWith this compact, low weight and widely used CAN Power Gateway you can transmit any number of CAN bus messages to up to 12 outputs as a power control signal.

The outputs are freely configurable, enabling special applications for automotive and industrial technology, even those for which proprietary solutions are as yet unavailable.


Alternatively, up to 6 connections can be configured as a PWM output and a further connection as a pulsed output for quasi-analogue signals (e.g. speed or route signals).


  • Supports up to 1MBit data rate
  • 12 high-performance outputs
  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Automatic power down and wake-up function
  • undervoltage and overvoltage protection
  • customary in vehicles
  • CAN Open compatible
  • Short-circuit-proof and reverse polarity protected
  • Minimum standby current drain
  • Extended input voltage range up to 24V
  • E1 type approval

Read more about this Power Gateway here..


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