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Posted on 2015/07/14 by George

How to accelerate sending SPI data with the high speed Cheetah SPI Host Adapter?

Questions: I am sending 5 bytes of SPI data using the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter, and Cheetah Python API. It takes about 210 ms to send this data, how do I reduce the programming time?

Answer: To reduce the programming time, we recommend using the Cheetah adapter and utilizing the async functions in the API, which can be queued.TotalPhase-Cheetah-SPI-Host-Adapter

Here is a summary of the features of the Cheetah adapter:

  • Operates at up to 50 MHz, can provide gapless shifting, and provides control over the timing of the data that is shifted out
  • Can send multiple transactions of 8-bit data without delay
  • Uses a high-speed USB to link between to the computer
  • Provides an asynchronous interface, which increases the operational speed for your application

The API supports multiple operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit Windows, MAC and Linux) and provides a shared library for multiple programming languages (C, C#, Python, .NET, VB.NET, and VB6).

One of the ways to increase the speed of your Cheetah adapter is to use the async functions and queuing available through the API. Refer to section 5.5 of the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter User Manual for instructions on how to use these features.

For details about the Cheetah SPI signaling characteristics, please refer to section 2.5 of the Cheetah adapter User Manual.

Cheetah SPI Timing Req

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